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Congratulations to 2024 Woodstock Innovation Zone Nurse of the Year: Ashlee Odom!

Congratulations to 2024 Woodstock Innovation Zone Nurse of the Year: Ashlee Odom!

National School Nurse Day is May 8, 2024, and this week, we introduced you to CCSD’s 2024 Innovation Zone Nurses of the Year! Thank you to all CCSD nurses for the care you provide daily to our students and staff! #CCSDfam #snd2024

What’s your “why” … why did you choose this profession?

I remember telling myself as a little girl that one day I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. Ultimately, I chose to become a nurse because I saw the benefit that nurses bring to people's life - young and old. Nurses advocate for the patients, provide multi-level support for patients' medical needs and offer encouragement and kindness. Nurses have the opportunity to really leave lasting impressions on their patients, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

What do you find most rewarding about being a school nurse?

I love interacting with students on all levels. Knowing I'm there to help my students with their medical needs is rewarding, but I also love seeing them around the building -- learning, laughing with friends, playing dodgeball, acting in the school play, etc. Having a nurse on every campus allows students with various medical needs to be in our school buildings and be able to flourish. That's rewarding!

What are words of wisdom or a quote you live by?

Growing up, my dad always told me, "Remember who you are and where you come from.” I strive to live my life each day giving others the best version of myself!

What words of advice or insight would you like to share with parents about your job?

School nursing is not just Band-aids and ice packs. We respond to various emergencies that may arise throughout the day, provide care to those with chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, seizures, feeding tubes, etc. Our clinics often become a place of refuge. Middle school can be tough age, and I'm here to help how I can!